Framing FAQ

+ What are the different listed frame options?
We use a black and white frame that is 20mm wide and 30mm deep for our smaller prints and we also use a raw oak frame that is 20mm wide by 38mm deep.
For larger prints we use the black and white in a 30mm x 30mm frame and the raw oak in 40mm wide and 34mm deep frame.

+ What is the matt option?
The matt is a more traditional look. The option listed is for a matt placed directly onto the print, with a 15/20mm space between the image edge and the matt. We also do a floating matt, this is where there is a spacing between the print and the matt so it appears as if the matt is floating. If you would like to go with this option please contact us.

+ What is the no matt option?
The no matt option is exactly that. There is no matt, the frame goes to the edge of the print with the unprinted border visible. For all prints other than the petite prints this border is 50mm on the top and sides and 60mm on the bottom.
We also set the print back 20mm from the glass which has a lovely effect when looking into it.

+ Can I get a different frame or non-reflective glass?
Yes you can customise your order to suit. The pricing listed is for a black, white or oak frame and regular glass. Also if you wish to have your artwork framed using reflective glass, please contact us.