Works in Progress

Here you will find regular updates of paintings currently in progress and you can also watch a new work unfold and read the story behind the artwork. For Michelle, making art is about connecting our modern human existence with wilder parts of Aotearoa, to give people a deeper understanding and a positive appreciation for our natural world. 
The majority of Michelle's painting are pre-sold before completion. Michelle usually has a varied collection of paintings on the go at any one time, as when she is inspired to paint a scene she likes to lay down the shape of the painting and the colours palette before it dims in her memory. Michelle may take 1-2 years to finish a painting as she works fluently with the rhythm of the art and rotates working on the paintings in progress. 
These updates will give you an idea of what Michelle is currently working on and how the art is progressing, also the layers of paint and detail that go into the it.
If you fall in love with painting in progress please contact Michelle for more information.

Works currently in progress are:

1. Lake Alexandrina 1400 x 850mm (Mackenzie Basin) SOLD
2. Lake Onslow 900 x 700mm (south of Alexandra in the Central Otago) SOLD
3. Lake Morgan 900 x 500mm (Alexander Range above Lake Brunner) SOLD
4. Middle Gorge Hut 600 x 600mm (Godley Peaks Conservation Area) SOLD
5. Camp Stream Hut 600 x 600mm (part of the Te Araroa Trail in the Te Kahui Kaupeaka Conservation Area) SOLD
6. Birdcage Hut 1360 x 700mm (Glenmore Station) Wait list
7. Lake Emma 1700 x 1000mm (Hakatere Conservation Park) Wait list
8. Fisherman's Hut at Poolburn 1000 x 700mm (near Omakau, Central Otago) SOLD
9. St Arnaud Tarn 1000 x 800mm (Nelson Lakes National Park) SOLD
10. Little Spotted Kiwi 400 x 400mm (Brook Waimārama Sanctuary) Available
11. St James Tarns 1400w (approx) Wait list