Framing options - Frame with a matt & frame with no matt
We have two framing options, pictured above on the left is the option of a matt. On the right is the option with no matt. The framed matt option will be larger in person than the no matt option. We use a 80/90mm matt with our smaller prints and a 90/100mm matt with our larger prints. The no matt prints have a 45/55mm unprinted border around the print when framed. Our smallest print, the petite print (245 x 245mm) has a 25 x 35mm unprinted border when framed. The no matt option costs a little less.

Glass options
All frame prices are using normal glass. We can arrange for your print to be framed using Tru Vue® glass. Please contact us for pricing.
The Tru Vue® 2.0mm thick water white glass offers crystal clear colour transmission and a virtually invisible, anti-reflective surface for truly amazing clarity.

* Virtually eliminates light reflections
* Filters up to 70% of UV rays
* Water White substrate provides crystal clear colour transmission
* Easy cleaning surface
* Enhances colours and contrast levels
Provides glare free enjoyment of artwork or photographs without distortion.
This glass has been developed to provide clarity and is recommended for items where UV light protection is not the primary consideration. Please contact us for pricing.


5-10 day free shipping within New Zealand for prints. If the framer is very busy or a frame option is out of stock we will contact you with a revised delivery time-frame.

European beech frames:
The frames are raw European beech from a sustainably sourced forest with a modern profile and a smooth finish. Frame profile is 45mm H 10mm W with a 5mm space between the print and frame. The frames add on an extra 15mm on each side. We only have one or two of these left as the framing has been very difficult to source.
10-15 day free shipping within New Zealand for prints on board.