Painting costs are calculated taking into consideration a number of factors, including:
The amount of time involved to complete the painting. I use many layers to create the depth of colour. This means a large painting can take up to 6 months to complete.
 The degree of complexity together with the applied skills and experience required.
 The size of the piece.
 The quality of the materials involved. I use the very best paints and quality canvases/art boards, which means my paintings will last many generations.

  What is the process of having a commission completed ?  

A commission is the best way to get a painting that will meet your needs. A story that resonates with you can be incorporated into the painting and specific colour, size, and feel can be accommodated (but must be in keeping with my style of work). Please view a sample of the commission process here.

In order to complete a commission, the following steps need to be taken:
1. We discuss the details of the painting required, ie: size, concept and image specifics.
2. An appointment is made and the design discussed, looking at any photos you may want me to work off. Details of delivery date, costs etc, are also detailed.
3. Design confirmed and a 20% deposit obtained. I can then order the canvas/art board (which are custom made for me).
4. Painting completed. Either detailed photos are sent or you can visit my studio to view the painting.
5. Painting photographed and copy sent to you.
6. Paintings packaged and couriered to you. Or I come and deliver the painting, depending on your location. Balance of payment is due and payable on delivery.

Be assured that this is not a scary process and the above steps are designed to manage expectations and avoid any unpleasant surprises. I have completed many commissions locally, nationally and for international clients. My waiting list is usually up to 2-3 months.

Please contact me directly to talk about commissioning an artwork.

How do I care for my painting?

It's always best to place the painting out of direct sunlight - fading can occur over a period of many years if the painting is constantly subjected to sunlight. Always handle your painting carefully - even slight knocks can chip the paint. Feel free to lightly dust the painting when it's needed or, on occasion, give it a very light clean with a soft, clean damp cloth using cold water only - no detergents or abrasives! However, remember to NEVER wipe or rub the skies, this will damage the painting. To remove fly dirt drop a droplet of warm water onto it, leave for a minute or so then place a absorbent paper towel to take up the water and dirt.