A Glass Day

A Glass Day, Boulder Bank, Nelson, New Zealand
Original artwork painted with acrylic on cedar framed board
By Michelle Bellamy
1200 x 750mm
Completed 2018
Available as a limited edition print of 150

The Boulder Bank (Te Taero a Kereopais a naturally formed, 13.5km spit of Boulders that extends west from the Glenduan. The boulders are smooth and round from the coastal currents, and the banks edge is filled with rock pools and reefs to the seaward side with many kingfish, snapper, blue cod and kahawai to keep the fisherman busy. Keep an eye out for the lazy bronze whalers who like to steal the caught fish.
There are now just 5 baches lined up along the spit, after one was recently destroyed in a fire in 2021. It is a barren place, exposed to the elements with no running water, no power and no shelter from the sun apart from a couple of stunted pōhutukawa trees.