Afternoon Hush at the Hawkduns

Afternoon Hush at the Hawkduns, Fall's Dam, Central Otago, New Zealand
Original artwork painted with acrylic on cedar framed board
By Michelle Bellamy
1000 x 700mm
Completed 2022
Available as a limited edition print of 150

Afternoon Hush at the Hawkduns, features one of the little fisherman huts that are part of the old village that resides at Fall’s Dam in Central Otago. This painting was inspired by a poem by Brian Turner called Nor’Wester which describes the overbearing sun and the brisk wind moving the dry grasses. This scene is at the end of such a day, the moment when the wind finally weakens, the sunlight softens and if you stand still you are enveloped in a hush of stillness.