The Blackenbrook Winery

The Blackenbrook Winery, Mapua, Nelson, New Zealand - to complement the 2020 Shangri-La Sauvignon Blanc.

First up & one of three, is The Blackenbrook Winery painting. This artwork was painted to complement the Sauvignon Blanc, and will be gracing the Shangri-La 2020 Sauvignon Blanc labels as part of the Blackenbrook art series * Sunny Nelson - New Zealand. The painting portrays the winery accompanied by the family home & a small portion of the vineyard. Blackenbrook is a small volume, high quality winery on a 20ha block in Mapua, New Zealand, owned by the Schwarzenbach Family.

Original acrylic painting on cedar framed board by Michelle Bellamy
300 x 300mm
Completed 2020