Fisherman's Home at Lake Onslow

Fisherman's Home at Lake Onslow, Central Otago, New Zealand
Original artwork painted with acrylic on cedar framed board
By Michelle Bellamy
1000 x 800mm
Completed 2023

Available as a limited edition print of 150

Arriving late in the afternoon, after many endless km's of meandering gravel road and being stuck behind a large flock of sheep, I was greeted by Lake Onslow a man-made lake 700m above sea level near Roxburgh, Central Otago.
To my dismay the village of fisherman huts were overhung by grey cloud and looked rather lifeless. However it was a completely still evening, the silence only disrupted by distant hungry cows mooing, and as I explored the huts I came across a trout fisherman making dinner. We had a chat while night fell, he then went off fishing and I continued to explore. Just as the last rays of sun were leaving, the grey clouds moved around and lifted, the light streamed in bathing the little village in warm evening light...