Lady Emily in the Cass Final Payment +3%

Lady Emily in the Cass, Glenmore Station, New Zealand
Original acrylic painting on cedar framed board
By Michelle Bellamy
1200 x 800mm
Completed 2023

Lady Emily Hut is found up on the mountainside in the Cass Valley in the Glenmore Station on the western side of Lake Tekapo and has been purpose built for ski touring and hiking. It is a wonderful place to explore, with gentle basins and expansive views. From Lady Emily Hut the outlook up and down the Cass Valley are spectacular, the braided Cass river winds its way down the open valley past vast scree slopes and tussock clad mountains.
To visit Lady Emily Hut you need to get access from Will at the Genmore Station, then you can walk, bike or 4WD up the valley flat to a lower hut called Memorial Hut. From there you'll need to cross a small but brutally cold river that will chill your leg bones thoroughly, and then follow a steep route up a spur on the true right of the waterfall for about an hour. Once you are over the top you will be rewarded with the most lovely views of the hut and surrounds and of course the beautiful valley views.